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Scaffolding has been used to access high places to conduct work since ancient times. Centuries ago wood and bamboo were used – nowadays we have lightweight but strong prefabricated modular scaffolding systems that make modern scaffolds not only safe and secure, but also quick to erect and dismantle by trained, skilled scaffolders.
Panther Scaffolding has flexible scaffolding systems available to provide a safe and practical working platform for all manner and size of industrial buildings, plants and factories – even when fairly heavy machinery or tools are required to be on hand for workmen at high levels.
Usually industrial scaffolding requirements are different to ordinary commercial or residential scaffolding, because the scaffolding on an industrial construction site is usually very large scale. Meeting the challenges of industrial scaffolding is where the experience and skill of the scaffolder shows, because very often ingenuity and innovation is required to manage and deliver what is required for the job.


Panther Scaffolding has developed a reputation for excellence in the field of industrial scaffolding in Bristol and Bath, as well as across Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devon and south Wales. We’ve worked with some of the leading companies in the area to design, supply and install industrial scaffolding solutions, complying with all the health, safety and environmental requirements of the site – sometimes for maintenance work and at other times on new builds.

We pride ourselves on offering a fast, efficient service to minimise any downtime for the industry concerned, being well aware that most industrial operations run day and night and any disruption is costly.

We are highly trained and have the expertise and professional approach to be able to work in hazardous and controlled environments, such as those often found in industrial settings. We are competent to work closely and responsibly with clients to plan and implement a top class scaffolding service, and are happy to negotiate affordable contracts.

Panther Scaffolding can provide sturdy tube and clamp scaffolding that is well suited to industrial maintenance and construction. This versatile system is compact, designed for use in difficult places. The tubing is joined with right angle and swivel clamps to build a scaffold that can be based even on uneven ground.

Whether you need a simple access tower or a complete birdcage scaffold, we’ll do the job. We use industry best practice to ensure the safety of our workers and others on site.

We may not be the biggest scaffolding company in the Bristol area, but we like to believe we are the best – and our many satisfied clients seem to agree. So if you are seeking a first class industrial scaffolding service that can handle any contract, large or small, contact Panther Scaffolding.


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