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Working at height is a risky business, even if you’re just painting a kitchen ceiling or cleaning out the guttering on a bungalow. Whether you are a DIY home owner or a trades person with a job to do up high on a house or block of flats, it’s quicker, safer and more efficient to have a stable, firm well-constructed and reliable scaffolding base to work from.

Having to run up and down ladders is not only unsafe, but also wastes time and energy that can be spent getting on with the job. Scaffolding not only keeps those working at height safe, but also those down below on the ground because it diminishes the chances of tools or materials accidentally falling. A proper scaffold platform with an edge fitted, or a chute provided for the safe transportation of debris to the ground, is a sensible option, particularly when making roof repairs, repairing windows, re-painting or rendering.

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Interior domestic scaffolding

Panther Scaffolding is a well-established company run by highly experienced professionals who can recommend and install the right scaffolding solution for any domestic situation. The company provides residential scaffolding services in the cities of Bristol and Bath, and across the counties of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Devon and South Wales.

Panther provides free estimates and sound advice for anyone who needs to step up to do any home improvement work or residential building, whether it be a large project like providing a temporary roof covering while refurbishment takes place, or a relatively small job like a spot of painting and decorating.

The qualified Panther team not only supply and erect convenient, secure and bespoke designed indoor or outdoor scaffolding for a multitude of purposes, but they are also specialists in installing scaffolding on residential listed buildings as well as historic and heritage homes undergoing renovation.

If there’s a spot that’s awkward to get to for work to be carried out, the Panther guys will find a way to safely access it without causing obstruction or inconvenience for passers-by.

Panther Scaffolding have tried and trusted experience at planning the structural support required to safely complete any work on a domestic property. The scaffolding is erected when and where you need it, with the minimum of fuss and bother, and dismantled for removal quickly when the job is done, with the minimum of disruption, leaving the site neat and tidy.

Panther have been working with local builders and trades people on residential properties in and around Bristol for many years, and come highly recommended by scores of satisfied home-owners in the area.

It’s not worth taking chances – when you’re undertaking residential building or maintenance, contact Panther for personalised, practical scaffolding solutions.


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