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When you set out to choose a scaffolding provider for any job – whether you be a local builder, roofer, D-I-Y householder, or tradesperson such as a painter and decorator – your first priority should be to ensure your health and safety.

Scaffolding by its very nature is a risky business. Risky for the workers who erect the scaffold structure, as well as for those who are going to use it to reach their worksite.

Here at Panther Scaffolding we take safety very seriously, operating according to stringent procedures and management guidelines. We don’t let things lapse but make ongoing health and safety training and awareness part of our daily routine, so that we are able to instantly identify any weak points and eliminate the risk of injury.


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Going for the cheapest may mean cutting corners and therefore compromising the safety of workers on the scaffold and possibly ending up with an unsatisfactory scaffold structure that does not reach all the relevant work sites. A cheap scaffold service could also be unreliable, meaning you end up wasting time waiting for erection and dismantling crews to arrive.

That does not mean to say you have to pay over the odds to ensure you get a quality scaffold service – it just means you need to do your homework to make sure you get good value for your money! Ask around for recommendations and check local business listings in the area for scaffold services. Before settling on a particular company ask to see client testimonials and get a few comparison quotes. Question the company about their working practices and check for online reviews.

Panther Scaffolding are very flexible and have a competitive pricing structure, offering free estimates and discounts when there are several clients grouped in a particular area. We also pledge to do our best to beat any quotation you have received from elsewhere, without compromising on the quality of our service or workmanship.

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