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Panther Scaffolding has the equipment, training, experience and expertise to supply and erect scaffolding for all sorts of domestic, commercial and industrial applications across the city of Bristol and beyond.

When we take on a new job we survey the situation before selecting the appropriate type of scaffolding required and then preparing a scaffold design to suit the situation.

Once we’re happy that we have a suitable, safe and sturdy scaffold installation ready to go, we erect it on site and undertake risk assessment checks throughout the use of the installation. At the completion of the work we dismantle and remove the scaffold quickly, efficiently and tidily.


Panther Scaffolding

The most common forms of scaffolding we provide for domestic and commercial use include:


Supported scaffolding

The most common scaffold structure, built from the ground up and supported by the building it is secured to.


Scaffold Towers

Self-supporting, useful alternatives to ladders that provide a safe and stable way to work at height for extended periods of time.


birdcage scaffolds

Providing a platform for working at one level (ideal for ceilings), this type of scaffold stands alone and can be raised to the required height on a criss-crossed “cage” of support poles.


Scaffold hangers

This sort of scaffold requires advanced scaffolding knowledge and is suspended from the top of a high-rise building so it can be raised or lowered to reach different levels.


Chimneystack scaffolds

No two roofs or chimney stacks are the same, so erecting a scaffold to reach a chimney can be a complicated affair. It generally involves a scaffold tower combined with a series of platforms and cantilevered scaffolding joined by ladders.


Safety edge scaffolding

This is the installation of temporary roof guardrails and handrails to protect operatives working on roofs, especially when re-felting flat roofs.


temporary roofing

Utilising a scaffold system covered with an appropriate material that is erected over a building under construction to protect it from the weather while work is completed.

No matter what type of scaffolding you require, give Panther Scaffolding a call on 07875 036922 and we will rise to the challenge.

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